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City news, 30.06.2004 13:19

The Head of IAEA to inspect the LAES

baradei According to the governorís press service, the meeting will be held before the Head of IAEA visit Leninngradskaya Atomic Power-Station exploiting the first generationís reactors RBMK that sadly became known by the accident at the Chernobylskaya APS. After this accident the IAEA proceeded to fulfil the program to increase safety both Chernobylskiy typeís reactors (RMBK) and other types Russian reactors VVER.

The day before in Moscow Mohamed Albaradei met the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The IAEA was founded in 1957 as a specialise intergovernmental scientific and technical organisation in the UNOís system. At present the agency consists of 137 states. The headquarters is located in Vienna (Austria). The General Director Mohamed Albaradei represents Egypt. The main objectives to be solved by the agency and states-members are connected with providing of the absolute priority and maintaining of the ecological, nuclear and radiation safety in the world.

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