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City news, 05.08.2004 15:32

90th anniversary of World War One was market in St.Petersburg last week.

first_world_war The main celebrations were held in Tsarskoye Selo where the biggest cemetery in Russia of servicemen who took part in World War One is located. About 1,000 servicemen who were killed in 1914-1918 are buried there. A military hospital in which famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin worked as a ward attendant was deployed there during the war. The cemetery has long been abandoned. Servicemen were commemorated and a remembrance service were officiated at the cemetery.

After that a religious procession went to the Church of the Theodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God where a historical reconstruction of a battle were presented. Organisers hold also a small exhibition on the World War One in the square in front of the church. Hardships of the wartimes were showed on copies of old photos.

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