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City news, 02.09.2004 12:15

Putin not amused by newspaper challenge

putin_press St. Petersburg, Russia, Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A small Russian newspaper in St. Petersburg could soon be without an office after challenging President Vladimir Putin to do his job properly.

The Konsyerzh was set up in August 2003 and has a circulation of 10,000. The 14-page publication contains stories on the local construction market and is printed every Monday.

But that's in jeopardy after it led a petition drive and sent letters to Putin demanding a response and action regarding urban building over parklands, rather than expansion into areas around cities.

The St. Petersburg Times said the small newspaper learned last week regional authorities had been instructed to stop providing the documents needed to pay its office rent.

In July, Konsyerzh received a response from the Kremlin that the letter had been received by the presidential administration and had been handed over to the Energy and Industry Ministry.

But Putin has not responded, at least not directly.

"This is a completely normal practice," the presidential press service said in a telephone interview from the Kremlin. "He is very busy."

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