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City news, 23.11.2004 14:48

Famous Russian Gunsmith opened Exhibition in St.Petersburg

kalashnikov_exhibition RIA Novosti

by Anna Novak

An exhibition called "Kalashnikov: Man, Weapon, Legend" was opened at the military-history artillery, engineer-corps and signal-corps museum there yesterday.

This exhibition deals with the life and work of famous Russian gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, who would be expected to attend the opening ceremony.

Talking to RIA Novosti, people at the museum's press center noted that the exhibition featured materials about Kalashnikov and the development of small firearms. The list of exhibits includes such unique weapons as the world's only Russian-made 7.62-mm 1944 self-loading carbine, the No. 1 AK-47 assault rifle, as well as the 5.45-mm AK-74 assault rifle, which was adopted in 1974. Moreover, those flocking to the exhibition will admire different AK versions being produced elsewhere between Finland and China.

Mikhail Kalashnikov's personal effects, awards and gifts, which were presented to him over the years, and which were eventually donated by Kalashnikov to the museum, will also be displayed.

Part of this exhibition is devoted to Kalashnikov's literary work and public activities, featuring his books "A Gunsmith's Diary" and "From Foreign Lands To The Spassky Gates".

A video film dealing with Kalashnikov's life will be shown, as well.

Visitors will be able to take apart and assemble AKM (AK-74) and Kalashnikov light machine-gun mock-ups under the supervision of museum attendants.

Mikhail Kalashnikov was born November 10, 1919 in the village of Kurya (Altai territory), eventually becoming a gunsmith and receiving his D. Sc. (Tech.) degree. Lt.-Gen. Kalashnikov is also a poet and a writer.

Kalashnikov had designed his first-ever 7.62-mm submachine gun in 1942, what with the Soviet army adopting the world-famous AK assault rifle in 1949.

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