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City news, 19.01.2005 14:17

German President Delights his Trip to St.Petersburg

Russian-German Meeting Visiting a St.Petersburg philharmonic society concert as a closing part of the 2003-2004 Russian-German Cultural Meetings, German President Horst Koehler said: "I am delighted I have come to St.Petersburg. I've been in Russia and Moscow on many occasions-it is time I came here."

He noted that all the meetings had been held not only for people in art but for him it was of exceptional importance that all people concerned were enabled to discover for themselves the culture of another country.

Horst Koehler made a statement of particular appreciation of the Walcker organ's accomplished restoration. "I am happy that Germany was helpful in making this fine organ excel in this hall again," he noted.

The German president pointed to it's being the only preserved sample in St.Petersburg and expressed pride that the organ had been built by the famous German company in the city where his wife was born.

The federal president considers that relations between Russia and Germany have never been better than now, which is largely true about the governments of the two countries. He admitted that it was essential for him to meet with the Russian president shortly after his coming into office.

Russian-German fruitful partnership is firmly included into the system of international and European relationships, said Koehler expressing his support for Russia in the development of its dialogue with the European Union and the intention to join the WTO.

The German president is quite optimistic about the future of Russian-German relations.

The Germans feel responsible for their history and value confidentiality in relations with Russia, said Koehler.

"We are celebrating V-Day's 60th anniversary this year. St.Petersburg suffered a lot during the Second World War when hundreds of thousands of people were killed, chiefly, by hunger. Our emotions are therefore all the more stronger that today we can stage Russian-German cultural meetings in the atmosphere of trust and hopes for the future," said the German president.

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