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City news, 28.01.2005 16:00

Memorial Plaque Placed in St.Petersburg

Memorial Plaque A memorial plaque dedicated to Tanya Savicheva, the author of a blockade diary, was installed in St. Petersburg. The opening ceremony was held on January 27, to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the liberation of Leningrad from the blockade.

Officials from the cultural committee of the city government told RIA Novosti that the memorial plaque would be installed on the wall of the building No.13 on the 2nd line of the Vasilyevski island, where Tanya Savicheva used to live.

"Tanya Savicheva wrote the blockade diary in that building. 1941-1942", and "Only Tanya is still alive," an inscription on the plaque says.

The Regional Architectural and Arts Foundation came up with the idea of installing the plaque.

At present, the diary, written by 11-year-old Tanya Savicheva is kept in one of St. Petersburg's museums. It is a small notebook containing nine pages. Six pages are filled with dates recording deaths of Savicheva's family members. "Grandmother died on January 25, 1942. Mother died on May 15. The Savichevy's are dead. Everybody died. Only Tanya is still alive."

At the end of the war, Tanya Savicheva, together with a group of other children was evacuated from Leningrad to the Gorky region, where she died in summer 1944.

Her diary was used as an evidence of Nazi atrocities during the Nuremberg process.

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