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City news, 26.03.2005 17:26

No U.S. Inspections at Russian Nuclear Installations

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Tuesday there would be no U.S. inspections at Russian nuclear installations.

Speaking at a press conference in St. Petersburg, he said “Both sides have stated that the security of nuclear objects in the Russian Federation and the United States is at suitable level.”

“Inspections are out of the question,” the Russian Information Agency Novosti quoted Ivanov as saying.

“We understand, however, that… terrorists have a vivid imagination. That is why we must make efforts to toughen and develop security measures at nuclear installations,” the minister said.

There had been earlier reports in the Russian media about plans for U.S. inspections at Russian nuclear objects. A passage even appeared on the Web site of the Russian president but was later removed as it turned out to be published mistakenly. During a Russia-U.S. summit in Bratislava at the end of February, George Bush raised the issue of U.S. inspections but the Russian side rejected the idea.

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