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City news, 23.04.2005 13:50

Sergei Kurekhin International Festival (Skif-9)

Sergei Kurekhin The Ninth Sergei Kurekhin International Festival (Skif-9) opened on Thursday in the Petersburg Center of Modern Art and will last till April 24. It has been organized by the Sergei Kurekhin Charity Fund which was founded in 1996 after the tragic death of the musician.

As a spokesman for the city committee of culture said, the festival concept rests on the ideas of Sergei Kurekhin's Pop Mechanics project of combining different genres of modern art in concerts and in music records. Therefore, apart from music turns, the festival concerts will include master classes and theatre performances.

The Skif-9 started from showing the best works of the international festival of audio-visual art Impakt which is annually held in the Netherlands.

Apart from that, the Dutch cultural organization, Worm, will show its program which will include performances of music companies and DJs, video installations and a practical seminar on experimental cinematography.

This year, about 100 musicians and music groups from Russia, the CIS countries, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia take part in the festival.

The first two festivals in memory of Sergei Kurekhin took place in New York in 1997 and 1998. The first festival in Russia, Skif-3, was organized in October 1998.

Since this year, the Skif will be annually held in Petersburg. Some musicians will also give concerts in Moscow clubs. About 10,000 people annually visit the Skif festivals.

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