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Akademik Fedorov

Akademik Fedorov On Wednesday, May 4, the research expeditionary vessel Akademik Fedorov came back to St Petersburg after completing a program of seasonal scientific studies within the framework of the 50th Russian Antarctic expedition.

Aboard the arriving ship, apart from crew and scientific personnel, were also members of the wintering party of the 49th expedition.

"The entire complement of research programs and seasonal work has been carried out successfully," it was noted at the press-service.

Studies conducted aboard the ship included oceanographic investigations in the Southern Ocean, studies of the upper horizons of the sedimentation cover on the borderline between ocean and continent in Prudes Bay, monitoring the Southern Ocean level, an investigation of natural objects in the areas of functioning stations for chemical and bacteriological pollution, and a set of nature protecting and environmental measures along the route followed by the vessel and in areas where the expedition worked.

To Russian Antarctic stations, Akademik Fedorov delivered about 2,000 tons of fuel of different types, over 500 tons of various goods, and around 100 tons of food.

From the stations, as specified by international treaties, the vessel took all waste (household rubbish, obsolete and aged equipment) and machinery needing repairs.

By way of international cooperation, the vessel helped to deliver cargoes, food and personnel of the Norwegian and German Antarctic expeditions to stations Troll and Neumayer.

In 191 days at sea, Akademik Fedorov covered 35,300 nautical miles (about 65,380 kilometers), with 20,100 miles (37,225 kilometers) in polar Antarctic latitudes

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