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City news, 22.05.2005 17:42

Evening Devoted to Armenia

Vyacheslav Lazarian May 13 International Creative Meetings in Mokhovaya new project was presented at the House of National Cultures in Saint Petersburg. The event was organized jointly with Union of Concert Figures of Russia and Haverzhutyun (Eternity) philanthropic fund, reported the Yerkramas newspaper of Armenian of Russia. These events aim at promoting cultural tolerance in Saint-Petersburg, and as the initiative of implementation of the project issued from the Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Tamara Harutyunian, it was decided to devote the first evening to the Republic of Armenia. Chairman of the Council of the Regional Armenian National-Cultural Autonomy Vyacheslav Lazarian opened the evening. Representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Georgian and Azeri communities were present as special guests. All those gathered had an opportunity to dive into the world of art. Sounds of Komitas music were already heard at the entry. The diversity of the classical music compositions, Armenian classical literature presented by the Armenian Friendly Association of Saint Petersburg was astonishing. The guests saw works of Armenian artists V. Yepremian, R. Hovakimian, A. Gasparian in the small hall. The main attention of the guests was directed at the concert part of the evening. The appearance of Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Tamara Harutyunian formed an atmosphere of mysterious silence in the hall, where everyone was captivated by the sounds of the masterly classical performing art. As if in oblivion those present applauded meeting also the other no less talented performers. The evening finished in a banquet for the guests and participants, among whom were many famous theater, musical and public figures, though an ordinary person would have felt a member of the creative elite in that atmosphere.

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