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City news, 24.05.2005 16:25

New Kosher Restaurant

New Kosher Restaurant The Great Choral Synagogue of S. Petersburg held an event for the official inauguration of a new Jewish restaurant, 'Lechaim' built inside this historic building. Designed to seat 200 people, this restaurant is comprised of two large halls with an elegant European-styled interior. The Chief Rabbi of S. Petersburg, Menachem Mendel Pewzner, supervises the restaurant's adherence to kashrut, while Vlad Nedezhin, an Israeli chef with rich working experience in the Jewish homeland, fills the menu of this restaurant with delicious national dishes.

For a long time now, local Jews have been in need of a special kosher place for hosting Jewish communal festivities, including Bar and Bat Mitzvas, Brit Mila, birthdays, and many other celebrations. Apart from this, the Synagogue is visited by many travelers, who prefer to eat kosher food. The new kosher restaurant welcomes all visitors, regardless of their nationality or religion.

'Lechaim' was initiated by the community’s Board of Trustees and the Jewish Businessmen's Club, with support from Rabbi Pewzner and community Chairman Mark Grubarg. The Businessmen's Club, headed by Avrom Arshinov, assumed the financial responsibility for the restaurant's foundation. Two club members – Yevgeny Kargopolov and Alexander Shmidt – also rendered their support for this new project. All income from this restaurant will go towards humanitarian goals and meeting the needs of the Jewish community.

Rabbi Pewzner and Mark Grubarg congratulated participants in this festive event, among whom were German Ambassador Gerhardt Kraus, Israeli Consul Marat Boguslavsky, regional government representative M. Brodskiy, and members of both the local Jewish community members and Businessmen's Club.

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