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City news, 04.07.2005 15:44

Facade Restoration

Facade Restoration About 830 million rubles ($29 million) will be required to restore the facades of 360 buildings in St. Petersburg in the next three years, Interfax reported Wednesday.

"It is our task to assess the city edifices that stand out and select those that are in need of restoration," the agency quoted Vera Dementyeva, head of the Committee for Preservation of Historical Monuments, or KGIOP, as saying.

The first stage of the program concerns 114 buildings and will be finished this year. It includes buildings and houses along the Kutuzov, Dvortsovaya and Admirateiskaya embankments, Sadovaya and Karavannaya streets, and also along the nearby Fontanka, Moika, and Griboyedov canals.

The program is funded by the Foundation for the Development of St. Petersburg and will only fund the restoration of city property. One of the objectives of the project is to undo damage caused by reconstruction in the 1960s to 1980s.

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