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City news, 15.07.2005 12:45

Hot Weather Set to Continue

hot_weather While the hot weather is making it hard for some St. Petersburgers to breathe in stuffy offices, city meteorologists predict the thermometer will stay high through to the end of July.

"Day temperatures won't drop lower than 20 degrees Celsius," Alexander Kolesov, head of the forecast department at the St. Petersburg Meteorological Center, said Wednesday, when it was 29 degrees.

July day temperatures are expected to vary between 23 and 30 degrees.

The hot weather, accompanied by high pressure, was brought to St. Petersburg by anti-cyclones and southern winds, Kolesov said.

The high temperatures have so far not exceeded the norms for July. He said St. Petersburg's July temperatures don't usually exceed 30 degrees.

Meteorologists also forecast a hot August, but say it won't be as hot as July.

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