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Ashes of Russia's last imperial naval minister to be brought to Russia

admiral_grigorovich The ashes of the last naval minister of the Russian Empire will be brought to Russia, an aide to the Russian Navy's commander reported RIAnews.

The ashes of Admiral Ivan Grigorovich will be brought back to Russia from France in an escort of the Black Sea Fleet's Moskva missile cruiser and the Pylky patrol ship.

Captain of the 1st class Igor Dygalo, who is also the senior spokesman for the Navy, said: "Russian ships dropped anchor in Naples (Italy) on Tuesday. Then they will sail on to the port of Menton (France) where the ashes of Admiral Grigorovich will be placed onboard the Moskva on July 15."

Dygalo said the admiral's ashes would be delivered to the southern Russian port of Novorossiisk before being taken to St. Petersburg, where they will be buried at the St. Nicholas cemetery of the St. Alexander Nevsky Laura.

Rear Admiral Ivan Grigorovich (1853-1930) was commander of the Port Arthur port in Russia's Far East, and also the commander of the Kronstadt military port (near St. Petersburg) and the military governor of Kronstadt. In early 1911, he was appointed naval minister. Grigorovich was the holder of all Russian and many foreign orders. In fall 1924, he left Russia to receive medical treatment overseas. He stayed in southern France where he had to sell his own paintings to make ends meet.

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