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City news, 24.08.2005 12:49

Russia’s Federal migration service to launch experiment on labor migrants’ legalization

The labor migrant Federal migration service of Russia has started an experiment on legalization of labor migrants. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are taking the lead in attraction of foreign labor.

According to the Federal migration service experts, Russia numbers 5.5 million of illicit migrants, including 3.5 million involved in illegal labor activities. The key spheres of immigrant labor use are construction (55% out of the general number of man power), industry (21%), transport (12%), agriculture and forestry (9%).

Last year the foreign labor quota in Petersburg made 5000 people, this year it hits 7000. The quota will reach 10 000 people next year. Due to this the budget Petersburg is to lose RUR 0.5 billion this year. However the city cannot manage without foreign labor.

As experts said, the employers would gain from legalization of migrants. According to article 332 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation the penalty for illegal aliens’ exploitation amounts to RUR 300 000 or 5-year imprisonment. Bureaucratic intricacy and financial burden force the employers to act unlawfully.

If the Federal service pushes the matter through, then absolutely all will derive benefit.

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