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City news, 05.09.2005 17:25

Siemens order to supply high-speed trains to Russia's RZD may be delayed

High speed trains Siemens AG's plans to supply Russia's RZD state rail company with 1.5 bln eur worth of high speed trains may be delayed while RZD review the contract, Deutsche Bahn AG's chief executive Hartmut Mehdorn said while attending a European rail network operator's conference in St Petersburg.

'I don't think they are going to put the whole Siemens project on ice,' Mehdorn said.

'But they are examining it.'

Mehdorn is in close contact with Siemens Transportation Systems (TS) unit executives as Deutsche Bahn is their major client.

Siemens last year signed a preliminary agreement to deliver 60 high-speed trains to RZD, with the first delivery scheduled for 2007.

However, some industry experts doubt the seriousness of the project, citing the amount of time it would take Russia to construct a rail network for the high speed trains.

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