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City news, 30.09.2005 12:37

Institute Ups Gene Research

genetics Scientists at St. Petersburg’s Otto Institute for Obstetrics and Gynecology announced the development of the most detailed human genetic blueprint in Russia last week, allowing for a wider range of preventative measures to be prescribed.

“Over the last ten years our scientists tested more than 60 different genes, the largest number of human genes researched anywhere in Russia,” said Oleg Glotov, one of the scientists involved in the research.

While other genetic laboratories in Russia researched around 40 genes, the Institute researched 15 new genes only last year, Glotov said.

The genetic research can help to foresee possible health problems, allowing for preventative measures to be taken.

Humans have around 30,000 different genes, though many of the most important in terms of healthcare have already been researched, Glotov said.

Alexander Strelnikov, medical director of Medem Medical Clinic, said that the Otto Institute’s achievements had been notable in the field. He added, however, that such genetic tests are not yet widely used in Russia, as there are few surgeons trained to make use of their results.

“It is very important that we train more doctors to deal with genetic tests so that we know what to prescribe to patients whose tests show a predisposition to one illness or another,” Strelnikov said.

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