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City news, 16.12.2005 12:10

Snowboarders Compete in City

snowboarding Although its organizers must have hoped for frostier weather, the Snowboard Europe Cup Championship stage will be held in Tuutary Park in St. Petersburg’s suburbs, on Saturday through Tuesday.

During the four days of the tournament more than 100 snowboarders, including competitors from Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Germany and Slovenia, as well as Russia, will take part in Big Air, Parallel Slalom, and Jibb Style competitions.

At the four Big Air rounds the participants are expected to demonstrate jumps that should not only be long and entertaining for spectators but, also, according to the championship rules, be dynamic and include complicated tricks.

The first of two rounds in snowboard Parallel Slalom held within the framework of the championship starts the tournament in one of the most exciting snowboarding styles.

In order to win first prize, two boarders complete two separate but identical routes and demonstrate slalom skills. .

The “unofficial” Jibb Style round of the championship presents one of the most popular snowboarding styles. Jibbing is riding on something other than snow, such as rails, trees, logs and rocks.

A special snowboarding park provided with the jibbing facilities will be constructed in Tuutary Ppark for the championship

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