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City news, 23.12.2005 13:27

Putin calls to make Russia global energy leader

global_energy Russia must become a global energy leader to benefit the international community without compromising its national interests and diversify export of its energy resources, President Vladimir Putin has said.

Addressing a session of the National Security Council in the Kremlin here yesterday, the Russian President said "Our country enjoys a natural competitive advantage, has natural and technological capabilities for taking more prominent positions on the energy market, including nuclear power and becoming a global energy leader." He said Moscow was willing to open new gas and oil pipelines to reach the Asian markets to create new energy set-up in the world to avoid conflicts among future generations over energy resources.

"We must use these positions in the interests of the whole international community, but not to the detriment of our national interests," Putin said in his opening remarks, televised last night by main Russian TV channels.

"This energy set-up should be equally fair for the producers and consumers of energy resources for the sustained economic growth in the world," he underscored.

Energy security would be one of the main issues at the G-8 Summit in St.Petersburg next summer as Russia is to get the rotating G-8 presidency from Britain on January 1, 2006. US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan are also members of the elite club of the world's most-industrialised democracies.

"Russia values its reputation as a respectable, reliable, and responsible partner on the energy market. Our country has emerged as the leading natural gas exporter and the second largest supplier of oil," Putin noted. PTI

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