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City news, 15.02.2006 18:21

“New Holland” Will Get a New Life

The “New Holland” island On the 14th of February in Smolny there was the sum up of the reconstruction of the “New Holland” island contest.

The main jurors were: governor of Saint Petersburg V. Matvienko, head of the Federal Management Agency of state property V. Nazarov and art director of Mariinsky theater V. Gergiev.

3 companies were competing in this contest: OOO “ST New Holland”, “NHI Group”, OOO “Story Holding”.

The winner: OOO “ST New Holland”, that the part of holding “ST Grout”. The major architect will be Norman Foster.

“Today happened a historical event. This romantic place, that for years was closed for saintpetersburgers, from now on will have a new life” – said V. Matvienko.

The governor of Saint Petersburg assured company-winner, that government would be in any assistance to this project. V. Matvienko presented diplomas and presents to the participants of the contest and to the famous Architect of Saint Petersburg V. Fabrizki.

The main goal of the project is to preserve the historical value of the island. According to the plan there will be built a museum of the island and artistic gallery. The major point of the island will be Festival Palace with a mane concert hall for 2 000 people and an amphitheatre for 3 000 people, for the performances under the open air.

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