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City news, 26.02.2006 15:05

American Cultural Center Enters Fifth Year

american_culture_centre The American Corner library, which introduces the inhabitants of St. Petersburg to “American ideals and values” through its services, celebrates its fourth anniversary on Wednesday.

“In addition to ever-present resources such as books, magazines, and instructional tapes, we offer a wide range of activities such as art exhibitions, film showings, English-Russian discussion clubs and lectures,” said Anna Nadezhina, director of the American Corner library.

The American Corner, of which there are more than thirty branches in Russia, hosts cultural and educational programs for as many as 70 visitors a day.

Representatives of the press, non-governmental organizations, cultural and educational institutions, and businesses hold seminars at the American Center and go there for up-to-date information about the U.S., Nadezhina said.

“Almost every day we have something interesting at the American Corner,” Nadezhina said. “Every Monday, we host a discussion club for Russian and American students, on Wednesdays we have movie showings, on Thursdays there are lectures, and on Saturdays there is a discussion club for the general public.”

The American Corner’s calendar for March promises events that will be exciting and educational for anyone interested in America, Nadezhina said.

On March 9 at 5 p.m., the University of Louisville Jazz Ensemble is giving a free concert, and Alexis Marsh, a Canadian saxophonist, will speak on the history of women in jazz.

“With each new meeting of the discussion clubs, the attendance grows and the conversation gets livelier,” Nadezhina said.

The American corner is at the Mayakovskaya Library at 46 Fontanka. For more information visit:

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