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Su-27s practice missile launches near St. Petersburg - official

su_airplanes Su-27 Flanker fighters Monday conducted a series of missile practice launches at aerial targets at a testing site in northwestern Russia, an air force spokesperson said.

The official said two Su-27 regiments, comprising more than 30 combat aircraft, participated in the exercise at the Ladoga testing site in the Leningrad Region. All launches were successful, he said, adding that the exercise was part of command-and-staff maneuvers conducted by the 6th Air Army.

The Su-27 fighter-interceptor is designed to fly air superiority missions. It has an exceptional range, heavy armament and high agility.

An Su-27 fighter from the 6th Air Army flying from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave within the European Union, crashed September 15, 2005 on Lithuanian territory after a navigation system failure.

Russia has compensated Lithuania $23,000 in damages for the accident.

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