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May Day in St. Petersburg 2006

The May Day demonstration The May Day demonstration has gathered more than 10 thousands people in St. Petersburg. The column was led by an orchestra playing patriotic songs. Labor activists, members of United Russia including the speaker of the city assembly, as well as activists of communist and nationalist parties took part in procession. So there were made two different meetings to prevent any conflicts. Marchers carried portraits of communist leaders Lenin and Stalin as well as of authoritarian Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko.

Near Dvortsovaya Square participants were forced to divide into two columns. Communists and nationalists turned to Isaakievskaya Square and members of United Russia and labor activists stayed at Dvortsovaya Square.

May Day during the Soviet era was celebrated in Russia and in its satellite states with huge state-sanctioned marches expressing worker solidarity.

Following the collapse of the Iron Curtain the first two days of May have been celebrated as "Spring and Labour" days.

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