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City news, 05.05.2006 11:13

Russian wins Mrs World

mrs_world_2006 Russia's Sofia Arzhakovskaya has been crowned Mrs. World 2006 in St. Petersburg, but only after judges had mistakenly given the title to another candidate.

Arzhakovskaya, 18, won a 6,000-dollar fur coat, a set of jewelry and a crown.

Judges earlier announced Mrs. Costa Rice Andrea Bermudez Romero had won. She cried tears of delight, but her joy turned to anguish when judges announced that they had made a mistake and that she was only Vice Mrs. World.

Mrs. World contests date back to 1977. This year, 34 women from all over the world took part. Any married women of any age is eligible to enter. (Mainichi Daily News)

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