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New head of St Petersburg Office

nordic_council Minna Hanhijärvi has spent the last few years working on issues related to the environment, the information society and copyright in the Adjacent Territories, especially North-West Russia. She has also had several pieces published about Russian on issues like the quality of the air in St Petersburg and co-operation between Russia and the other CIS countries.

Hanhijärvi believes that the Nordic countries have plenty of experience to offer North-West Russia in spheres like innovation, promoting democracy, gender equality and the environment.

The Nordic Council of Ministers opened offices in the three Baltic countries 15 years ago, followed in 1995 by one in St Petersburg. Nordic InfoPoints are also located in Archangel, Murmansk and Petrozavodsk. With a new office in Kaliningrad, a Nordic presence has now been established along the whole of the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

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