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City news, 14.07.2006 13:11

Russian and US Presidents expected to meet in St Petersburg today

G8 APA reports quoting the Russian media that the President’s press secretary Aleksey Gromov has reported about this.

The Russian and US Presidents are due to launch informal talks during a dinner party in St Petersburg today and continue the talks in the Konstantinovski Palace. The two heads of state will focus on Iran’s nuclear program, Korea’s missile technology, recent tensions in the Near East, energy security, struggle against communicable diseases, education and several other issues. The two Presidents are also expected to discuss Russia’s access to the World Trade Organization.

The G8 summit will start on 15 July with the meeting of the heads of Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, US, France, Japan and the European Union. The eight heads of state will have several bilateral talks within three days.

The summit will also bring together the UN Secretary General, heads of IAEA, UNESCO, World Health Organization, International Energy Agency, chairman of the People’s Republic of China, Indian Prime Minister, Kazakhstan’s President (as chairman of CIS Board of Heads of State), Congo’s President (as chairman of the African Union) as well as leaders of Brazil, Mexico and Republic of South Africa.

The summit is also expected to focus on fighting terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, organized crimes and narcotic danger as well as discuss financial, commercial issues and regional conflicts.

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