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City news, 24.08.2006 15:18

Participants of the auto rally “Beijing - Moscow” leave St. Petersburg

china_flag The participants of the rally have arrived at St. Petersburg yesterday. The opening ceremony was accompanied by the presence of the vice-governor of St.Petersburg, Victor Lobko, the representatives of different city committees and the mass media of the city.

The vice-governor has presented to the journalists the Chinese coat-of-arms of St. Petersburg.

During these two days the Chinese journalists are planning to visit the State Hermitage Museum, The State Russian Museum, Puskin and Peterhof, as well as to meet with the students of the “Konfutsy” school and the grand daughter of the officer of the Red Chinese Army division, who also participated in the October Revolution.

The auto rally is a part of the “Stages of Chinese –Russian Friendship” project, which is held with the support of the Chinese government and government of Russian Federation.

St. Petersburg is the penultimate among 18 Russian cities, visited by the participants of the project, the Chinese journalists.

The group of 40 representatives of the most widely known mass media of the People’s Republic of China is taking part in rally, beginning from the 25th of June. The distance of the rally is

15 000 km.

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