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City news, 01.09.2006 11:29

Russia scientific ship in Petersburg after record-long mission

research_vessel The Russian scientific research vessel Akademik Aleksander Karpinsky arrived on Thursday in St. Petersburg from Germany after a record-long Antarctic mission, the director of the expedition told Tass.

Vladimir Kryukov said that on his way back to St. Petersburg from an Antarctic expedition, the ship made a planned visit to the German port of Bremerhafen. The ship needed repairs at the dock, he explained.

He said that one of the main engines of the Russian ship had failed as it was on its way to the Antarctic region early in 2006. Emergency repair work was made then by Russian specialists, who flew from St. Petersburg to Cape Town, where the ship called at for repairs.

Kryukov said the expedition on board the Akademik Aleksander Karpinsky had made geo-physical and gravimetric probing of sedimentary rock of the bed in East Antarctica.

Geological data and forecasted oil and gas stocks will be then plotted on special maps.

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