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City news, 11.09.2006 11:13

Yandex Opens Development Office in St. Petersburg

yandex Yandex opened a development office today in St. Petersburg. By year-end, dozens of programmers from the northern capital of Russia will start working for Yandex. This is the Company’s second branch office: exactly a year ago, it announced the opening of a representative office in Ukraine.

Employees at Yandex’ St. Petersburg office will work as a single team with the Moscow office programmers. They will develop the existing Internet services and create new ones for a mass audience.

Heading up the new Yandex office is Andrey Ivanov, who formerly led the St. Petersburg branch of Borland. In the initial months, the new St. Petersburg division will deal solely with development; subsequently it may undertake additional marketing and commercial functions.

"There are lots of highly qualified programmers in St. Petersburg," comments Andrey Ivanov, "we fervently hope that the best amongst them will become part of our team."

"People in Yandex are used to informal work organization and result orientation," says Ilya Segalovich, Yandex Chief Technical Officer. " We’ll visit Petersburg frequently and stage video conferences and internal company seminars."

Yandex is currently seeking information retrieval specialists and C++ experienced programmers in St. Petersburg. The company is also interested in attracting talented developers from other regions of Russia: for selected vacancies, it operates a program for assisting employees in relocating to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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