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City news, 06.12.2006 14:28

Record high temperature for December set in St. Petersburg

Fathers Frost under rain A record high December temperature has been registered in St. Petersburg, the weather bureau in Russia's second largest city said Wednesday.

After some of the coldest temperatures on record last winter, the first winter month of this year has seen thermometers in the northwest Russian city hitting 10.7 Celsius.

"This is an absolute maximum for December. The last time such a warm winter occurred was in 1953. But even then the temperature did not climb above 9.1 Celsius," said Alexander Kolesov, head of the forecasts department at the St. Petersburg hydro-meteorological center.

He said the mean daytime temperature in the city is 8 to 9 degrees above the climatic norm, and is characteristic of the second week of October.

Kolesov said weathermen are not expecting a cold spell in St. Petersburg to begin until December 11.

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