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City news, 21.12.2006 21:25

Zhores Alfyorov Press Conference in St. Petersburg

Zhores Alfyorov It would be impossible to switch from raw materials to innovations without the development of Russia‘s microelectronic industry, Nobel Prize winner and Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Zhores Alfyorov told a Sunday press conference in St. Petersburg.

“We can expect a large GDP grow, workable poverty reduction measures and dynamic development of the national economy only if we learn how to use our intellectual potential effectively,” he said.

Economic achievements are impossible without “a rapid formation of the national innovative system, which will create favorable conditions for commercialization of technologies,” he said.

“Microelectronics will remain the locomotive for fundamental industries,” Alfyorov said. “It will give an impetus to mathematics, chemistry, biology and psychology.”

The World Dialog techno-park of microelectronics and robotics would contribute to the achievement of the goal, he said. It was planned to build the techno-park in Shuvalovo near St. Petersburg on an area of over 300 hectares. The project costs 1.5 billion euros.

If the project is implemented, Russia would make a microelectronic breakthrough very soon, Alfyorov said.

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