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Let's learn how to make business in Russia

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As the Russian economic growth is continuing for five consecutive years, more and more Western companies are starting their business in Russia or considering a market entry. Therefore they need and will need even more qualified professionals in their quest for the Russian market.

Saint Petersburg State University offers foreigners enter International Summer School in Russian Business 2007.

The program aims at providing you with advanced knowledge and expertise of the contemporary Russian business environment and the latest strategies and practices required to do successful business in it. All different subjects and topics are brought to you by leading academics and experienced Western businessmen working in Russia.

There are three main subject modules:

Module 1. Russian Business Environment (with exam option 3 ECTS credits)

Module 2. Russia in the World Economy (with an exam option 3 ECTS credits)

Module 3. Business Operations in Russia and Russian Business Culture (with an exam option 3 ECTS credits)

Enterprise Forum meets you with Foreign and Russian businessmen that share their experience and provide you with interesting practical perspectives and analysis of how business in Russia is done.

In 2007 it is planned to have company visits to:

Baltika Brewery - the biggest brewery in Russia and in Northern Europe that is owned by the Scandinavian Baltic Beverage Holding. Details at

IKEA, Saint Petersburg Office - during the last 5 years IKEA was one of the most dynamically expanding to the Russian market multinational companies.

The company visits are subject to further changes according to the company availability and studentsí interests.

The term is going to start on the 1st of June. The program includes several excursions, so that the students will get the opportunity to acknowledge our beautiful city.

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