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City news, 08.04.2008 22:41

Russian Archeologists: Saint Petersburg Was Possibly Founded by Alexander Nevsky

In the course of diggings on the territory of Okhta-Centre and study of the remnants of former Swedish fortress Nyenschantz, St. Petersburg archaeologists found wooden storerooms.

“The results of the expertise are amazing – the head of the archaeological expedition Mr. Sorokin said – The wooden constructions approximately date back to 1260 – 1270! At the same time such constructions are typical of the Old Russian architecture. Our version is as follows: fortress Nyenschantz was started not from scratch! Earlier on the banks of the Neva River there used to stand a fortified Novgorod outpost. It served as a cover to watch Neva goings. If Swedish ships were noticed on the river, the guards would send heralds to Novgorod to come to the aid.

Archeologists suppose that Alexander Nevsky himself could be related to the building of the ancient wooden fortress.

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