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City news, 11.04.2008 07:53

St. Petersburg Car Wash Finds $200,000 Diamond Pendant

The managing director of a car wash in the city of St. Petersburg told reporters on Thursday that the personnel of his company had found a diamond pendant worth at least $200,000 and said they were keeping it and waiting for the owner to claim the jewelry.

"On Tuesday, April 8 in the afternoon, the staff of our car wash were cleaning their vacuum cleaners and found the pendant," Vladimir Shapiro said. "It is a woman's decoration. A pendant without a chain. I will not give a more precise description and I will not show it to anyone as we intend to return it to the person that will describe the pendant in detail," Shapiro said.

He also said that they had taken the pendant to a jeweler who had estimated its worth at between $200,000 and $300,000.

"I put the pendant in a certain safe box in a certain place," Shapiro said and added that he was sure that the owner will eventually be found.

Commenting on the situation, a representative of the Interior Mi­nistry's directorate for the city of St. Petersburg said he was surprised that the car wash manager decided to turn to the media instead of addressing the police, but said that the law does not oblige Russian citizens to report precious findings.

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