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City news, 04.05.2008 07:52

Russian Standard presents major gift to City of St. Petersburg

Russian Standard, one of Russia’s fastest growing and most dynamic companies, announced today that it will give a major gift to the city of St. Petersburg by making a multi-million dollar contribution to the design and construction of a scenographic lighting installment that will illuminate the tallest tower in Russia’s most majestic city.

The project will see the Imperial capital’s 305-meter TV tower adorned with 6,000 stroboscopic flash lights programmed for a spectacular light show. Preparation for construction on the tower has already begun and the project is expected to be completed on the eve of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 6th-8th, which draws thousands of Russian and international business leaders and members of government to the city.

“As part of our ‘Shining City’ project, there are many unique lighting installments being constructed in St. Petersburg,” said St. Petersburg Governor Valentina I. Matvienko. “More and more private companies are taking it upon themselves to help us realize our goal of lighting the city’s unique buildings and structures.”

Said Roustam Tariko, founder and chairman of Russian Standard: “Russian Standard was born in St. Petersburg, and the city has always been close to our heart. We are thrilled to be a part of this iconic project in Russia’s most iconic city.”

The lighting project mounted on the high lattice steel TV tower was designed by world renowned architect Willem Brouwer, who also designed Russian Standard’s state-of-the-art Vodka distillery in St. Petersburg, which opened in October 2006, as well as airports and airline facilities, hotels and luxury property projects around the globe.

The custom lighting design has a brilliant set of dynamically moving light rays that will localize the structure from a distance. The tower will acquire an architectural shape and identity thanks to a dynamic color changing façade illumination, projected by special equipment from ground level.

Project designer Willem Brouwer said: “The result is not the illumination of the tower but the perception of a different tower - a recognizable icon that belongs to St.Petersburg’s color rich historical environment and identifies with it in a modern way projecting towards its future.”

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