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City news, 10.06.2008 07:50

St. Petersburg Stunned by Pelorus

The megayacht of Chukotka’s Governor Roman Abramovich, Pelorus, that arrived in St. Petersburg on the eve of 12th International Economic Forum and is yet moored to the Neva’s quay has exited intense interest of the locals.

The residents of St. Petersburg and visitors of the city thronged to the English Quay (called the Angliiskaya in Russian) past weekend to have a look at the beautiful yacht. The agiotage created jams on the roads. The general concern of the city’s inhabitants was to have a photo taken near Pelorus.

The megayacht lures not only the common people but also some VIPs. St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko visited Chukotka Governor Roman Abramovich at Pelorus a day before the start of the forum.

Pelorus is still moored to the quay of Neva. But Monday is a working day, so the number of onlookers isn’t so big today, meaning some rest to the yacht personnel and the owner.

The 115m yacht is the pearl of Abramovich collection. It has a missile detection system and the place for two helicopters. Pelorus worth £72 million has become the third precious exhibit in the yacht collection of Roman Abramovich.

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