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City news, 25.09.2008 07:36

Russian Railways to Get 45.5bn for St. Petersburg-Helsinki High-Speed Railway

Russian Railways will get 45.5 billion ruble from the RF Investment Fund to implement high-speed railway projects at St. Petersburg-Helsinki direction and for rebuilding Oune-Vysokogornaya section, including construction of a new tunnel, Russian Railways announced.

The government has appropriated 27.9 billion ruble to implement the first project and 17.6 billion ruble for the second one. The total cost of rebuilding Oune-Vysokogornaya section (which length is 37.6km) and constructing a single-track tunnel (3.9km) equals 59.8 billion ruble. The project will be implemented in 2008 through 2013.

Overall, arranging high-speed railway traffic between St. Petersburg and Helsinki will cost 79.7 billion ruble. The trains are expected to cover the distance of 450km in 3.5 hours.

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