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City news, 11.02.2009 17:10

Lev Dodin in MDT will hold a seminar in St. Petersburg for young directors of Great Britain

MDT Lev Dodin will hold in the Small Drama Theater in St. Petersburg workshop for young directors of Great Britain from 12 to 23 February, the press service of the city committee on culture.

Eight young filmmakers from different professional theaters in the UK practice will be as alive and evolving today modern Repertory Theater, which works permanently. Directed by Lev Dodin attend performances of different years - "Uncle Vanya", "Life and Destiny," "King Lear", "Futile efforts of love".

Opening show of February 15, the legendary "Brothers and sisters”, going to the stage nearly a quarter of a century, and will complete the last premiere of" The long journey into night. "

Young filmmakers will pierce daily basis skills in the classroom with Lev Dodin and the Maly Drama Theater of teachers - Valery Galendeyev, Mikhail Alexandrov.

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