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City news, 17.02.2009 11:44

In a match with "Zenit" will come about 200 fans of "Stuttgart" to St. Petersburg

Football Tomorrow on February 18, on match with the "Zenit" will come around 200 fans of "Stuttgart." As a team, they ‘ll come to St. Petersburg today, but separately from the club.

The recent news from, "Zenit" we should note, that the team has considerable problems in the defense. At the control game with "Khimki" Slovakian defender Gubochan fractured his clavicle. He is out about for two months. Now, paired with Krizhanats likely will play Shirokov. As for disgraced Domínguez (we must recall he stayed too long on vacation and missed the trainings), though he claimed to match with the "Stuttgart," but, apparently, in the application for the game he will not be.

The day before head trainer of "Zenit" Dick Advokaat said that for Argentine midfielder , there are two scenario now: either to continue playing for the youth stuff, or to seek a new club.

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