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City news, 17.03.2009 17:25

First heliport may appear in St. Petersburg by 2013

heliport Today, March 17 , the Government of St. Petersburg adopted a decision on the allocation of two plots of land for construction in the city of the first heliport.

At first the area of 37,9 thousand square meters, is located directly heliport itself up for storage and maintenance of 50 helicopters. The second area of 115 thousand square meters, will take office properties, hotels and exhibition complex.

Heliport is a small airport, designed exclusively to serve the helicopters. In the heliports usually have one or more helipads, as well as the necessary infrastructure - filling, lighting, wind cone, hangars. In a big cities in the heliports may also situate a custom-house. Usually heliports are located closer to the center of the city than the airport, which gives an advantage in speed of moving passengers to their destinations. Helicopter platforms are often equipped with near hospitals, where they are needed to accelerate the delivery of emergency patients with serious injuries, and to receive patients from outlying regions, where local hospitals do not have the required level. In the city limits helipads are usually located on the roof of the hospital.

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