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City news, 13.05.2009 18:01

Rollers of St. Petersburg will open the season on Saturday, 16

rollers On Saturday, May 16 at 03.00PM from the Palace Square starts the first of this year roller run. It will open the season of traditional roller runs through the city center.

It will be an exciting city tour without cars and pedestrians:especially for the rollers streets, on which lies the route, will be blocked that day.

At this time, rollers will run from Nevsky Prospect to Suvorovsky and Rastrelli square, where there will be a small stop and after the Robespierre and Kutuzov embankments and Millionnaya street they will return to the Palace Square.

There is no restrictions for the participants - everyone can participate, regardless of experience driving on rollers. According to past experience we can say that the finish line is achieved by 99% started rollers. Others are picked up by bus going in the tail column.

It is expected that the coming May will run more than 2 thousand people.

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