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City news, 15.06.2009 17:28

Original music will be composed specially for "Scarlet Sails" Show

scarletsails For the first time in "Scarlet Sails" Show history will be written the original music.

The music will be performed by the musical accompaniment group, which includes a detailed full symphonic orchestra and choir with soloists, as well as contemporary rock musicians and performers of ethnic music on authentic instruments - from the Irish flute "whistle", Scottish bagpipes and drums, and African-American electric guitar.

The musical canvas created by the talented Petersburg composer Anton Gryzlov, passes through the orchestral works of Isaac Osipovich Dunaevskiy. The musical structure combines modern forms that are understandable and accepted by young people, and familiar to all from the childhood melodies, including those already become a symbol of the festival overture to the film "Children of Captain Gran". For the the fifth year that melody accompany motion of the ship with scarlet sails along the embankment of the Neva river.

We must note that in this year there is planned introduction of new unique components in multimedia light-and-pyrotechnic show in the water of the Neva that have never been used before in St. Petersburg and Russia.

In the role of the ship with scarlet sails this year, according to tradition will be frigate "Standard."

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