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City news, 20.08.2009 17:18

Guy Ritchie will make a film about Andrey Arshavin

new_film Guy Ritchie is inviting Andrey Arshavin to take part in his new film

Another creation of Madonna's ex-husband will be focused on scandalous transfer of the Russian Team's Capitan to London's "Arsenal". The 28-year-old football player from St. Petersburg was offered aproximately 3 million euros for the role.

We must note that in the movie about its own transfer Arshavin will only appear in one of the episodic roles. Busy schedule of a football player, who will play two times a week, does not allow him to become a major hero of the film.

In addition to the movie in the nearest future will appear a book aboute the fate of the Russian football player. Probably, it will form the scenario basis in the new Guy Ritchie film.

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