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City news, 31.08.2009 13:32

There was the 306 anniversary since the first flood in St. Petersburg

flood_saint-petersburg The first flood in St. Petersburg happened on August 30, 1703. In a few hours the water rose as much as 2 meters.

In the case of floods the inhabitants of St. Petersburg was announced by cannon shots from a spy-glass house, Galley harbor and Admiralty and the beating of drums and ringing bells.

In 1897 at the Central Physical Observatorywas created "Service flood on the Neva".

The most disastrous floods occurred in the city in 1777, 1824 and 1924. During the first flood water destroyed all the fountains of the Summer Garden and many wooden houses.

Throughout its history St. Petersburg more than 300 times was the victim of catastrophic flooding. They occur almost every year and most of them in the late autumn.

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