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City news, 05.01.2010 15:38

Azerbaijani national football team holds first match in Saint Petersburg

Azerbaijani national football team holds first match in Saint Petersburg According to News.Az, the contest involves the national team of Azerbaijan (under 19). Our team met with Ukrainian team in the first match. The game ended in a draw 1:1. The score was opened by Ukrainian Vladimir Koval on the 18th minute and Elnur Abdulov restored the balance on the 63rd minute.

After the game head coach of Azerbaijan’s team Bernhard Lippert assessed the game of his team as follows:

“It was a good match, it was interesting for fans. The footballers of both teams showed an open game and the chances to win were equal for both sides. Therefore, I consider the result to be natural. Today we have set our strongest players on the field. Azerbaijan is a small country and it is quite difficult to select two equally strong staffs to have a choice. I would like to stress the quality of the coverage. The field was very good and usual for us as we play only on the synthetics at home”.

In another match in our group Turkey beat Finland 2:1. Azerbaijani team will have its next match with Turks to start at 17:00 on January 6. On January 8 our team will play against Finland. The group winner will have a right to play in the final. The second teams by results of the group contest will have matches for the last third place and so on.

In the parallel group Russia held a draw with Belarus 0:0, while Belgium beat Uzbekistan 2:1.

News source: News.Az

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