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34,000 air travelers stranded in Russia

34,000 air travelers stranded in Russia More than 700 Europe-bound flights have either been delayed or cancelled altogether at Russian airports as a cloud of ash from a volcanic eruption on the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier in Iceland has disabled air traffic throughout central and northern Europe, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. “34,000 passengers, most of them at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo and St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airports, have been unable to make their scheduled flights to Europe,” ITAR-TASS reports. Many flights have been cancelled also in Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Murmansk and Voronezh. “At other Russian airports it’s business as usual,” Russia’s Civil Aviation Authority says in a statement.

News source: The Voice of Russia

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