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Cryogenic Treatment of Heart Diseases

Cryogenic Treatment of Heart Diseases Russia has made its first steps in the cryogenic treatment of heart arrhythmia. This method is introduced by specialists of the V.A. Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Centre in St. Petersburg. Cryotechnology is used for the treatment of the fibrillation of auricles, which is one of the most widespread types of arrhythmia. Tens of thousands of people suffer from it in St. Petersburg alone, and there’re hundreds of thousands of them all over Russia. Such an arrhythmia often leads to an attack and to an immediate stop of the heart. If we “freeze” sections of the cardiac muscle with pathological activity, it is possible to cure such illness, surgeon with the Centre of Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Dmitry Lebedev says.

This method is of great help in eliminating the fibrillation of auricles and fibrillar arrhythmia, which presents a serious problem for modern cardiology.

Dmitry Lebedev continues: Cryoablation methods make it possible to reduce operation time and to lessen the risk of complications. Besides, the use of such methods will make it possible to increase the number of patients, who need methods which could be helpful in doing away with the arrhythmia they suffer from. Cryotechnology as a method to fight against heart arrhythmia emerged in the world only some time ago. And now thanks to specialists from St. Petersburg such methods will be actively used in Russia and will become an alternative to the treatment with the help of expensive anti-arrhythmic medicines, which is many-year practice today.

News source: Voice of Russia

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