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Russia’s Avianova adds new westernmost market

Russia’s Avianova adds new westernmost market The Russian low-cost carrier Avianova, whose CEO recently interviewed in Moscow, has announced Kaliningrad as its next destination. The Russian exclave will be served four times a week from both Moscow Sheremetyevo and St Petersburg Pulkovo, starting 31 October. From December, frequencies on both routes increase to daily. Additionally, Kaliningrad is one of the airports considered by Avianova for its next base.

After Kaliningrad lost its home carrier KD Avia in September last year, it has been left without a locally-based airline ever since. The airport’s route offering has therefore been much reduced, both domestically and internationally. In particular, international services have been affected, with the only current route offering being limited to services to Belarus, the Ukraine, Latvia and, most recently, Poland. As an example of previous traffic, Destatis data shows that KD Avia transported almost 60,000 passengers (one-way) between Germany and Kaliningrad during its eight operational months in 2009, yet this country market is now unserved. Avianova’s CEO Andrew Pyne has, however, made it clear that the airline currently does not intend to operate outside of Russia.

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