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City news, 08.09.2010 16:33

St. Petersburg octopus Grisha carried away Andorra flag

Octopus Grigory from St. Petersburg

Octopus Grigory from St. Petersburg oceanarium predicting the results of Andorra-Russia football match carried away to his house the flag of Andorra.

"This time we attached loads to the flags and put them into the aquarium. Grisha has chosen the flag of Andorra and took it to his house. We're testing a new technology of predictions for the first time that's why we can't say what it means, victory or failure for Andorra," the oceanarium representative said.

The first prediction of Petersburg octopus was true: Russian team beat Bulgaria, score 1:0.

That time the technology used for octopus predictions was different: two flags were pasted to the aquarium wall and after short doubts Grigory stuck to the Russian flag.

On Friday evening, Russian team played the first qualifying match with Andorra for Euro 2012 and won it 2:0.

News source: Interfax

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