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A Winning Design Tor The Primorksiy Zoological Park In St. Petersburg

The Primorksiy Zoological Park In St. Petersburg

Architects from Beckman N'Thepe, Aldric Beckman and Francoise N'Thepe, teamed up with designers from TN Plus, Bruno Tanant and Jean Christophe Nani, to create a winning design for the international competition for the new Primorskiy Zoological Park in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Having already won the 2008 Helsinki Zoo Project and the 2006 design for the Zoo in Vincennes, France, the team's triumph surely came as no surprise
In an attempt to recreate the Paleolithic Pangea (back when all the continents were one big rock), the project will offer a sampling of every continent within the zoo, thus creating an archipelago that represents South East Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America and Eurasia. North America and Eurasia will be linked together by a representation of the Arctic Pole. The intended site has an abundant water supply, making it an ideal spot for such an undertaking.
Covering 300 hectares of land, each mini-island will contain ecological samples and indigenous animals of each respective continent. The animal pavilions will be protected by bubbled steel and glass dome caps, each surrounded by lush greenery and foliage.
As far as going green, the designers have taken environmental impact into account as well. Rather than appearing like prisons for animals, this zoo challenges that stereotype in attempt to create an oasis-like environment, free from the hustle and bustle of Russian city life.

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